Keni 110 (2.5")

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A first for micros, a frame with a pod design for the racers, freestyle enthusiasts, and just for fun. This little guy comes in your choice of canopy color: red, blue, green, white, or black. The camera mount is integrated into the flexible tpu canopy, and made to fit a eachine tx01 tx02 and tx03 aio camera vtx combo with a whip antenna. The canopy is a low profile, and will require esc's on the arms or an extremely low profile stack. The frame comes with the canopy, whip antenna, frame, and all screws and standoffs for the pod and FC. 


Size: 110mm

Thickness: 2mm

Motors: 1102-1106

Prop size: 2.5" ( up to 68mm with pod)

FC spacing: 20 by 20 (M3)


The canopy for this frame is also available for anyone to download and print at


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